Research and Development of a Road Space Evaluation Method Focusing on Vital Reactions


Vital reactions, road space evaluation, stress from driving, GPS, CAN information
Business description
Conventional road evaluation methods are unambiguous evaluations focusing on congestion mitigation and traffic behaviors such as quick-deliverability. However, with the increasingly diversified attributes of road users and their values, the need for a qualitative evaluation of road spaces has been heightened. Therefore, this study focused on the lifelog data (vital reactions), which has received much attention in recent years, in order to develop a qualitative evaluation method of road spaces. The study is collaboratively conducted with the Morikawa, Yamamoto, and Miwa Laboratory at Nagoya University.
The study aims to develop a qualitative evaluation index for road spaces, by obtaining various vital reactions (heartbeat, sweating, brain function, etc.) of participating drivers on general roads, as well as through analyzing interrelationships between road structure, driving behaviors, and vital reactions.