Energy Management at Hotel Orion Motobu Resort and Spa


Energy saving, LCEM, energy management
Business description
An unprecedented energy saving method was pursued for this facility by integrating air conditioning and sanitation, while also resulting in the complexity of the system. NSRI provided support through energy management using LCEM (Life Cycle Energy Management) from the design phase, in order to facilitate proper adjustment during the system construction examination phase of design and during site operation. As a result, the control target setting, operation status evaluation, and layout examination were conducted for the design phase. During operation, it is used for proper operation support and solving faults.
Cooling water from a turbo refrigerator and waste heat from exhaust of the desiccant air conditioner are utilized for sanitation. Cool air from a heat pump (for supplying hot water) is used for air conditioning, and waste heat from hot springs, well water, and warm water from a solar water heater are also used. The system utilizes all of the above together, and has high energy saving performance, but cannot be operated through adjustment based on intuition and experience. Therefore, we provided energy management with LCEM from design to operation.


  • Yoshibumi Sugihara
  • Satoko Adachi