Land Value Map


Press Release

Preparation of “Land Value Map” for Analysis, Evaluation, and Comprehension of the Changes in Urban Structure and Urban Opportunities from Various Aspects

NIKKEN SEKKEI Research Institute (NSRI) initiated research on urban information analysis, utilizing the latest urban spatial information. Using open data (posted land value data and prefecture land value survey data) for example, backed up by NSRI’s technology for urban information analysis, the “Land Value Map” of all 23 wards of Tokyo is made for analyzing, evaluating, and comprehending the changes in urban structure and urban opportunities from various aspects. Utilization of this map enables:
  1. intuitive understanding of the changes in urban structure and urban opportunities over time;
  2. analyzing the land value increment (more or less) compared with the average increment in a certain period; and
  3. evaluation of the effects of execution of individual projects (e.g., large-sized urban development and initiation of new railway operation) on land values.
This enables providing various stakeholders with foolproof, proper information on effectiveness of urban projects and effects of measures.
By taking advantage of our expertise in problem-solving in the urban and environment sectors, NSRI is determined to actively conduct research and construct an urban management information infrastructure for the benefit of urban management.

Land Value Map of all 23 wards of Tokyo(spatial interpolation)in 1983, 2000 and 2015