Kazuki Yamada

Senior Consultant

Maximizing the energy-saving potential of buildings

When I was in elementary school, I remember vaguely wanting to do something “good for the environment”. It was thanks to the people around me that I took up a profession working on energy conservation. While I dream of creating amazing technologies that will drastically improve the global environment, I work day-to-day under the motto of proposing and building up ideas and experiences that will benefit the environment incrementally.

When I was in university, I explored energy conservation and comfort from the exterior of buildings near windows. After I graduated, I spent time thinking about how to use air conditioning to save energy and create a comfortable environment.

I am involved in energy management for various types of buildings, utilizing my specialized experience in air conditioning for commercial buildings, such as office buildings, special air conditioning in spaces where factory products are made, and building large-scale heat sources to generate heat for air conditioning.

I work closely together with customers to find solutions to their concerns of possible complaints if they focus on energy savings, potential for declining quality or that they have exhausted all avenues for energy savings. Buildings are a single product of manufacturing, so there is there is no one magic remedy for all buildings.

As we share our customers’ concerns, we propose specific approaches that take advantage of the characteristics of each building.

Kazuki Yamada


Architectural Institute of Japan
The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan
Building Service Commissioning Asociation
Registered Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Japan
Qualified Person for Energy Management
Commissioning Technical Engineer