Hondo Yasuharu

Principal Consultant

Energy Management Starting from “Buildings”
Twenty years have already passed since the situation of the global environment began to be raised as a major social issue. The days when we thought of this as something that does not directly concern us have passed, and now this is an issue we must address in earnest.
On the other hand, although everyone thinks they have to do something, it is probably difficult to put this into practice. It is, however, said that people’s motivations in engaging in something changes significantly when they can imagine or actually feel the effects of their actions.
In the same way, in order to rapidly and effectively advance efforts to address environmental issues, it would be important to have a familiar perspective that can be imagined. A shortcut to this could be initiatives taken from the “building” unit, which forms the foundation of daily life. It may be a small initiative with small effects, but it can be “felt” without fail.
When considering the environmental impact of a “building,” it becomes essential to think about the good, long-life use of energy. Since energy, as an infrastructure, links buildings together in different forms, the small effects of a single building have the potential to spread endlessly. Moreover, because buildings are where people are active, it would be essential to conceive a way to reduce environmental impact while creating a living environment that befits its use.
This might be the obvious choice of action to take, but nevertheless, I would like to play a role in reducing environmental impact through energy management of buildings and cities that are friendly to people.

Hondo Yasuharu