Ogawa Takahiro

Principal Consultant

My first interest toward environmental problem originated at COP3 (Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC) held in Tokyo in 2000. I had a vague sense of fear about sustainability issue at that time. However, after participating in the urban development project, I found difficulty to realize the Eco-friendly and social sustainability business.
In recent years, numerous projects related to “Eco” and “Smart” have been carried out in private or public sectors in all over the world but it has just started.
Experiencing domestic and international urban planning project over eight years, we are now taking the lead in pioneering social environmental development business, responding to clients request and all the questions arisen in the newest business; procedure of the environmental business, stakeholders, financing and budget planning, and risk management of the project. I recognize myself it is my mission to respond to the all inquiries such as above and support realization of projects in a comprehensive manner.
I would like to keep going face to face to sustainable issues, not forgetting gratitude in sincere and modest way.

Ogawa Takahiro


City Planning Institute of Japan (CPIJ)
Japan Society of Civil Engineering
Registered Consulting Engineer, Japan


  • Takahiro OGAWA, Kiyoyuki KAITO, 2010, A Simulation Model for Maintenance /Rehabilitation of Sheet-Pile Structures in a Port Facility with Reference to Seismic Risk, Proc. of Symposium on Society for Social Management System 2010.