Yoshiyasu Suzuki, Ph.D.

Executive Officer

On September 8, 2013, Tokyo was selected to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Investment in the last Tokyo Olympics in 1964 totaled 1 trillion yen (about 33 trillion yen today). Of this, only about 1 percent were fees directly related to the Games, and almost all of the remainder was used to develop the city’s infrastructure such as improving the poor urban transport system and living environment.
For the second Tokyo Games in 2020, I certainly hope that Tokyo can become a smart city that concentrates the essence of Japan’s globally leading technologies and will be the first in the world to convey the vision of a sustainable city that can deal successfully with a super-aged society.

Yoshiyasu Suzuki, Ph.D.


Japan Society of Civil Engineering
The City Planning of Institute of Japan
Japan Society of Civil Engineering
Japanese Association for an Inclusive Society
Ph.D. in Engineering
Registered Consulting Engineer, Japan (Project Management)
Registered Consulting Engineer, Japan (Urban and Regional Planning)
Registered Consulting Engineer, Japan (Road planning)


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