Shinji Yamamura, Ph.D.

Executive Officer

Our lives are existing on the balance of complex combination of various phenomenon. I’m feeling closer and closer a distance between our living circumstances and earth environment. More situations we are facing to resolve solutions simultaneously and widely at micro-macro levels from architectural building work to planning town and urban city.
I believe that global warming prevention and pursuit of comfortable living conditions are both realizable at the same time. We are supporting organizations with energy saving and reducing energy consumption of building and in urban areas to create rich natural surround. We are aiming at giving the better environment to our next generation through our experienced skills of energy saving technologies for building and innovative knowledge of energy management technology.

Shinji Yamamura, Ph.D.


Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)
The Society of Heating, Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan (SHASEJ)
Ph.D. in Engineering
Registered Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Japan
Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant


  • Study on Methodology about Environmentally Friendly Urban Development for Creating Cool Spots and Reducing CO2 Emissions in Urban Area, ICUC, Shinji YAMAMURA, July, 2009
  • An Urban Regeneration Project Conducted by the Environmentally Friendly Development Guideline -A Case Study of Gyungin Expressway Arterialization Area in Incheon City, Korea-, INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CITY PLANNING 2007, Yushi YOSHIDA, Shinji YAMAMURA (2007)
  • Evaluation of Thermal Environment in Outdoor Space of Metro Manira by A Coupled Prediction Method with heat Simulation and Airflow Simulation, 3rd Japanese-German Symposium on Urban Climatology, Shinji YAMAMURA, Akira HOYANO. (2001)
  • Passive Methods for Creating Good Thermal Environments in Outdoor Space; An Investigation of Microclimates in the Outdoor Space of a Residential Area, Takashi Asawa, Akira Hoyano, Shinji Yamamura. (2000)

Presentations & activities

  • SB05 Sustainable Building Award (Institute of Building Environment and Energy Conservation: IBEC)/ Aoyama Gakuin University Sagamihara Campus
  • The 41st Award of HVAC(Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan: SHASEJ) / Saitama Super Arena
  • World Architecture Award 2001 “Best Building in East Asia / Saitama Super Arena
  • The 9th Award of Long Life Building (Building and Equipment Life Cycle Association, Japan :BELCA) / IBM Headquarter Building