Maebashi City, Gunma

Development of a Local Production Local Consumption Model with a Decentralized Energy System


Renewable energy, EMS, regional power producers and suppliers (PPS), supply chain, regional vitalization, job creation
Business description
Through development of a “local production local consumption” decentralized energy system, mainly consisting of biomass power generation, measures for realizing regional vitalization were examined in this survey. Specifically, the examination included introduction of: an area-basis energy and heat supply system for multiple areas of demand within the city by utilizing regional biomass resources (lumber from thinning, domestic animal waste, sewage sludge, etc.); a renewable energy supply chain plan; a decentralized energy infrastructure plan; the regional PPS; and the energy management system.
● Development of an energy management system for the entire municipal area
● Examination of possibilities for installation of the regional PPS
● Formulation of a plan for the regional energy supply chain
● Feasibility evaluation
● Quantification of regional economy vitalization and economic ripple effect