Implementation of functional performance tests for Nagasaki Prefectural Office


Project description
The implementation of functional performance tests related to the indoor environment and energy performance at the Nagasaki Prefectural Office (constructed in 2017) is the first of its kind in Japan to be conducted at a governmental facility. Measurements and evaluations were carried out on the indoor environment during specific seasonal periods throughout the year based on OPR (Owner Project Requirements) and functional performance test plans, in addition to quantitative evaluations on energy performance using BEMS data and simulations. With the test results, NSRI submitted recommendations for improvement measures, including revisions to commissioning, and confirmed that the building’s performance was in line with OPR targets.
Technical features
● Measurements and evaluations of the indoor environment in summer, winter and mid-season (room temperature/humidity/radiation temperature, air flow, surface temperature, illuminance)
● Questionnaires to residents on indoor environment (Subjective Assessment of Productivity, SAP)
● Analysis of energy performance using BEMS data
● Evaluation of energy performance using simulations (BEST, LCEM)
● Creation and management of documents based on BSCA commissioning manual