Sapporo Smart City demonstration study


Project description
This project was implemented as an initiative of SIP/Big Data and AI-Enabled Cyberspace Technologies (under the management of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)), a program of the Japanese Cabinet Office’s Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, with the aim to create a “walkable compact city of wellness” in Sapporo. In cooperation with partner companies and the city of Sapporo, we conducted demonstration tests on, among others, a wellness point system, smart planning, and MaaS.
Technical features
  • Construction of an environment for seamless indoor and outdoor location positioning.
  • Demonstration of smart planning using location information (people flow analysis). (Extracting and visualizing the percentage of walking as a mode of transportation, and analyzing the factors leading to walking.)
  • Demonstration of MaaS (on-demand shared cabs) linked with a wellness point system that encourages walking (a transportation system that combines walking and mobility).