Shizuoka Railway / Study of a future vision for areas along the Shizuoka Railway line


Project description
In this project, we supported Shizuoka Railway in creating a future vision to revitalize communities along the Shizuoka-Shimizu line while involving the local governments, companies and residents. In the formulation of the concept, we grasped and identified local features and issues from quantitative perspectives based on open data analysis. While presenting these at workshops gathering young interested members of the Shizutetsu Group companies, we put together a vision and action plan to assist in the preparation of a concept proposal that incorporated a diversity of opinions.
Technical features
We were able to go beyond qualitative perspectives to understand the local features and identify challenges with a high degree of objectivity based on quantitative perspectives by, among others, effectively visualizing open data such as the population census and national land numerical information on GIS.
We held workshops numerous times with the participation of more than 40 people in total from the Shizutetsu Group companies to support the employees in their creation of a “participatory vision.”