Kashihara City / Survey on the possibility of new ways to use urban parks by applying ICT


Project description
In this project, we examined ideal forms for smart parks, which aim to realize new urban park services based on the experience of the coronavirus pandemic, and cost reduction and efficiency of management and operations, and assessed their feasibility. In response to the recent situation of park usage, we clarified the service potential, business feasibility, and future possibilities of two services. One service provides real-time information on indoor and outdoor crowding using people flow sensors, and the other service provides health advice in collaboration with medical universities using smartwatches.
Technical features
  • Survey on the actual use of urban parks.
  • Design, testing and planning, assessment and verification of services that visualize the degree of indoor and outdoor crowding using people flow sensors.
  • Study on the content composition of individual health reports that feed back to the user the measurement results of smartwatches and environment sensors.
  • Quantitative and qualitative feasibility assessments from private company sounding surveys, and comparing and sorting out operation methods.