Real Estate Market Division, Land Economy and Construction Industries Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / FY 2020 Examination of the Methodology Used for Analysis of the Local Real Estate Market


Project description
In order to respond to the recent issue facing local governments concerning vacant houses and land, as well as policy challenges such as the optimal distribution of public real estate, we formulated guidelines to help build up area data through the effective combination and effective use of data held by the public and private sectors.
In particular, in order to enable analysis from a micro perspective that takes the actual conditions of the local region into account from the perspective of EBPM and accountability, we are examining specific methods for analysis such as visualizing area data using GIS.
Technical features
  • Released as guidelines for local governments on the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
  • Examination of methods for analysis used in the “Study of measures to prevent vacant houses and to promote reconstruction,” “Study of area management using vacant land and revitalization of built-up areas,” and “Study of optimal distribution of public real estate and their utilization.”
  • Formulation of explanatory material providing detailed explanation on matters such as the specific steps for analysis using GIS.