City Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / FY 2020 Smart City Demonstration (Sapporo)


Project description
In this project we verify the effects of gamification and information presentation (dashboard construction and publication) on behavioral changes in people. Specifically, in collaboration with partner companies and Sapporo City, we held an event in which teams competed against each other in the number of steps they walked and the number of check-ins (visits to designated spots), and also built a dashboard that displays recommended routes and spots as well as real-time levels of crowding. The changes in the number of steps walked by the event participants and their movement patterns were evaluated.
Technical features
  • The effects of gamification, which does not rely on points or other types of incentives but appeals to intrinsic motivation, on behavioral changes were verified.
  • A dashboard showing recommended routes and spots in the city was built.
  • The degree of crowding in underground spaces was displayed in real time on the dashboard.
  • Movement patterns were analyzed using positioning information.