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PPR+01: Guide to the DOT’s Economic Benefit of Sustainable Street

Want to know more about the efforts of the Department of Transportation (DOT)?
PPR Plus 1: Guide to the DOT’s Economic Benefit of Sustainable Street

Urban Innovation by Digital Technologies

Large-scale redevelopment is currently underway in Kobe’ s central Sannomiya district. Located at the core of this redevelopment is the Sannomiya underground mall, “Santica” .
Initiatives are underway to make the mall smarter by using IoT, AI, and other digital technologies.

Video : Voronezh Model City

NIKKEN SEKKEI Research Institute provided support in creating images related to the “progress and benefits of cooperation on the urban environment” in the eight points economic cooperation plan presented by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to President Vladimir Putin at the Japan-Russia Summit Meeting (expanded meeting and dinner) held in Moscow on April 27, 2017 (editorial supervision by NIKKEN SEKKEI Research Institute and produced by Nice Corporation, YOU-TV).

Preparation of “Land Value Map” for Analysis, Evaluation, and Comprehension of the Changes in Urban Structure and Urban Opportunities from Various Aspects

NIKKEN SEKKEI Research Institute (NSRI) initiated research on urban information analysis, utilizing the latest urban spatial information. Using open data (posted land value data and prefecture land value survey data) for example, backed up by NSRI’s technology for urban information analysis, the “Land Value Map” of all 23 wards of Tokyo is made for analyzing, evaluating, and comprehending the changes in urban structure and urban opportunities from various aspects. Utilization of this map enables: