District energy planning (Supply side)


Energy supply needs are changing, as renewable and unused energy that is available in the region can be used as a source of energy for local production and consumption in non-emergency times and as a standalone power source during disasters. In light of the deregulation of the electric power industry, hurdles are continuously being lowered to allow electricity retailers to participate and electric power markets to open, which differs from the conventional entry of large-scale power sources into the electric power business. We have entered an era in which we need to think about the nature of supply in light of local issues and features, such as the rational use of transmission and distribution network infrastructure that has been developed to date and the further spread of renewable energy to create decarbonized societies.

NSRI will use its expertise in energy consulting for suppliers and work with a variety of companies to support the planning and implementation of highly-feasible supply networks that are in line with regional characteristics by looking at the supply side from the perspective of energy consumers.