Support for the development of ESCO projects


Economic hurdles to energy-saving retrofits must be overcome in order to achieve energy efficiency in existing buildings. ESCO projects, energy services and leasing projects are expected to be utilized as a means of addressing this issue.

For example, energy service companies (ESCO) are businesses that offer comprehensive services for energy savings, characterized by the fact that they enter into performance-based contracts that guarantee the amount of energy saved. ESCO business operators offer an all-encompassing, energy-saving services and guarantee the resulting energy-saving effects. The costs of energy-saving retrofitting work are completely redeemed through cost savings over a set period of time through the amount of energy saved, and the rest is held by the owner as profit.

Prior to the implementation of an ESCO project, it is important to select the facility, implement an energy-saving assessment, and examine the feasibility of the project by organizing project conditions. In addition, when accepting public applications from ESCO operators for a business proposal, a fair examination of the proposals will be necessary.

NSRI provides support for the development and implementation of ESCO project plans based on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated to date in supporting the development of ESCO projects.

Image of ESCO projects / ESCO project (for updating facilities and equipment)

Image of ESCO projects / ESCO project (for updating facilities and equipment)