Support for investigations on CRE and PRE strategies


In addition to changes in the balance of supply and demand for real estate due to population decline, it is envisioned that the usage needs for real estate and the criteria for determining real estate value will become more diverse in the future as a result of initiatives for “new lifestyles” and the progression of ESG investments. For this reason, it will be essential to consider CRE (corporate real estate) and PRE (public real estate) strategies that take into account regional and spatial characteristics in order to enhance real estate and area value.

NSRI provides evidence-based solutions that contribute to real estate evaluations and investment decisions in line with area characteristics by utilizing our knowledge of city planning and urban policies, as well as a diverse set of urban information data. We also offer comprehensive consulting services to support the development of projects based on the premise that the feasibility of projects will be considered from the technical perspectives of architecture and civil engineering, the environment and energy, which are the strengths of the Nikken Group. Our consulting services also include support for the development of projects on the utilization and revitalization of individually-owned assets, and an examination of medium- to long-term investment strategies through the group management of owned real estate.