Urban and environmental policies


The advancement of population decline and low birth rates, and a globally unprecedented graying of the population require drastic changes in the systems we use to build cities, which is based on the premise of a growing population. We are also facing a variety of challenges, including energy constraints, increasingly serious global environmental issues, an increased risk of disasters and infectious diseases, and aging social infrastructure.

With the goal of resolving these issues, we provide support for the urban policies of specific cities, including the formulation of hypotheses for policy issues, data analysis and case studies to test hypotheses, policy recommendations based on research results, and evaluations of these proposals. NSRI has the advantage of expertise and technological strength in areas such as urban development, infrastructure development, transportation planning, architecture and civil engineering design. NSRI provides consulting services that link solutions to outcomes, such as the creation of low-carbon, compact cities and resilient societies that can meet the needs of shrinking populations.

Shrinking cities due to population decline