Urban and regional development


We provide comprehensive support for the design, planning, and formulation of projects in urban and regional development in Japan and overseas by analyzing socio-economic trends and market conditions, proposing development concepts, formulating land use and infrastructure plans, and examining and proposing development and management methods.

In Japan, we support the creation of attractive and sustainable mixed-use developments, which can also help enhance international competitiveness and raise the potential of regions, such as redevelopment and urban renewal in planned sites for new stations on the maglev Chuo Shinkansen Line, as well as areas around terminal stations that act as regional transportation nodes.

Utilizing our experience and expertise in urban and regional development in Japan, we are supporting the realization of sustainable and environmentally-friendly urban development in various countries and regions, including the rapidly-growing Asian countries of China, the Republic of Korea, and ASEAN countries, as well as Russia.