Mobility design, autonomous driving and MaaS


Mobility in cities is a critical type of social infrastructure that forms the basis of civic and economic activities.
In recent years, new forms of vehicles, such as electric vehicles (EVs)/fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and personal mobility, as well as mobility policies today that are based on advanced technologies in particular, such as autonomous driving and Maas (Mobility as a Service), are attracting attention.

NSRI analyzes and proposes policies for new mobility trends from multiple perspectives, including the lifestyles of the people who live and work in these areas, as well as the ideas urban spaces to support these lifestyles, rather than a simple perspective of updating conventional transportations systems. Through this analysis, NSRI strives to propose recommendations on mobility designs that maximize the use of local resources and help residence achieve the greatest happiness in their lives.

Taking advantage of IoT, AI and big data, NSRI provides consulting and contracted research services to government agencies and companies under the motto of proposing “visible” mobility policy plans and verifying their effectiveness.