Examination of an NEB (Non Energy Benefit) Index for a Low Carbon Society


NEB, lifelog analysis, greening of urban areas, low carbon society
Business description
In the context of demand for early realization of a low carbon society, the government bodies including the Ministry of the Environment give attention to NEB (Non Energy Benefit), which aims for the simultaneous realization of decreased energy consumption and increased lifestyle quality. This study focused on greening of urban areas, and empirically evaluated the effect of greening on shifting lifestyles of citizens towards low carbon ones, and its usability as NEB.
Lifelogs and vital data of participating citizens were obtained and analyzed, and the differences in lifestyles were examined and revealed based on the amount of green spaces in each area. As a result, it was demonstrated that residents in areas with more green spaces had more fulfilling lives and possibilities in terms of QOL (Quality of Life).