Message from the Director

In Pursuit of a Sustainable Society


 We have probably all seen a satellite image of our planet at night.

Against the deep-black expanse of yet unexploited lands and inhospitable sea, the brilliant white glittering of urban development indeed symbolizes the prosperity of mankind, yet at the same time heralds a warning of pressing environmental issues, such as global warming due to fossil-fuel consumption, caused by human activities.   

In 2009 more than half the world’s population came to live in cities, and with predictions that the majority of significant development will tend to be in developing countries, the cities and buildings essential for human activity are becoming evermore important.

At Nikken Sekkei Research Institute we aim to integrate urban planning and building environmental engineering with the view to “establishing a truly sustainable society,” a goal our new organization has been pursuing since being founded in 2006. 

All of our staff, regardless of their diverse disciplines and fields of expertise, is focused on achieving this goal and we are committed to producing highly creative proposals and intensely practical information supported by proven technology from every aspect. 

We greatly appreciate the warm support and goodwill of our clients as we continue our efforts.


Fumio Nohara, President and CEO