Kawagoe City, Saitama

Support for review on Kawagoe City’s location normalization plan


Project description
Against the backdrop of the declining and aging population in Japan, we considered the location normalization plan for Kawagoe City that aims to create a “Compact City Plus Network” by guiding urban functions and housing and improving public transportation to create a safe and comfortable living environment and facilitate sustainable urban management. We examined settings for urban functions and housing incentive areas, facilities to be allocated in each those incentive areas which are appropriate to the function, and measures to achieve optimal site locations, and provided support for the development of location normalization plans and documents for dissemination of draft plans, as well as the organization of briefing sessions and other activities.
Technical features
● Examined the direction of reviews on future urban planning master plans, such as a review of urban structures and locations of core areas in consideration of multi-faceted analyses using GIS and changes that have taken place after the city’s master plan has been formulated
● Created scenarios to be presented visually in cases where measures were and were not taken in order to help residents understand the necessity for and effects from location normalization plans.