In Pursuit of a Sustainable Society

With the advancement of globalization and achievement of technological breakthroughs through open innovation, the environment around us is changing day by day. This can probably be acutely sensed in our daily lives, especially in the realm of digital innovation, which is “making possible what had not been possible up to now.”  


Meanwhile, however, we are facing mounting challenges. On a global scale, this includes the increasingly serious issues of environmental pollution, climate change, and the growing threat of natural disasters. When we turn our eyes inward to Japan, we see issues such as amplifying distortion with economic and social systems and stock built since the end of World War II, arising from factors such as the advent of a graying and shrinking population.


Amid such a climate, the UN Summit in September 2015 adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and accordingly, in Japan as well, the national government, local governments, companies, civic groups, and other organizations are advancing various measures to realize a sustainable world. Initiatives are also underway to achieve Society 5.0, with a focus on digital innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the dawn of the 100-year-life society.  


Nikken Sekkei Research Institute (NSRI) was born in 2006 to pursue the integration of urban design and architectural environment engineering with the goal of building a sustainable society.


All of us at NSRI, irrespective of what our respective fields of expertise have been, aim to achieve this goal by providing all related quarters with highly creative visions and strategies, technological proposals, and timely information backed by proven technology.


Your warm support shall be most highly appreciated. 


Hiroki Asakura
President and CEO