City Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Support for formulation of “Ground level design that is comfortable and encourages walking”


Project description
As a project of the City Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we sorted out the basic concepts on the form that should be taken on the ground level (the area within the line of sight of pedestrians, such as streets, parks, plazas, private open spaces, and the low-rise portion of roadside buildings) in order to realize towns that are "comfortable and encourage walking.” Along with this, we provided support in the preparation of a collection of good practices (in collaboration with the Institute for Future Urban Development). In this collection, we introduce cases from 98 districts across Japan and laid out the key points of ground level design.
Technical features
  • Collection and publication of cases with various characteristics in 98 districts around Japan.
  • Sorting out detailed processes in six good practices such as the turning point of their initiatives.
  • Ground level design was arranged by the five key elements of “vision,” “teaming,” “space design,” “promoting activity (planning and operation),” and “cultivation and maintenance.”