Kazusa Koike

Senior Consultant

Keeping user-friendliness in mind

In the first half of the long period of time from when I entered the workforce until now, I was involved in the development and technical support of comparative evaluation tools related to air conditioning equipment. In the latter half of that period, I have been engaged in supporting the design of energy systems and energy performance evaluations at actual facilities and have been blessed with opportunities to learn of the wisdom and thoughts of people in the field through various work-related experiences.

Currently, there are days in which I am often occupied in energy management for DHC facilities and commercial buildings, but I always keep in mind that the reports I prepare must be user friendly. This term is mostly used to express the ease with which computers can be used, and even though it has a slightly outdated feel, it is a term that often comes to mind as I think that “ease of understanding” and “familiarity” are two key points in helping users accept recommendations.

I would like to continue to connect new experiences to growth in the future to be able to provide both simple and even better services that are equally professional and user friendly.

Kazusa Koike


The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan
Architectural Institute of Japan
Second class architect