Urban information analysis


Urbanization is expected to continue its pace of progress around the world. In both developed and developing countries, more substantial urban functions based on society, the economy, environment, safety and security, and governance, as well as public-private partnerships and an appropriate division of roles between civil society, corporations and governments are required in internationally-competitive cities that are realizing sustainable growth. In addition, as Japan plunges into its status as a mature society, there will be a strong need for urban management that makes good use of each city’s unique characteristics and existing stock.

In light of the use of socio-economic statistics and other spatial data and trial runs of next-generation urban information such as big data, NSRI is conducting urban assessments (urban “check-ups”) and visualizing urban structures using advanced urban data. We are actively working to analyze and build a foundation for urban management information that will contribute to appropriate urban management based on our ability to provide solutions in the urban and environmental fields that we have developed over the years.