Smart cities


Cities in both developed and developing countries are facing diverse and complex challenges, such as the rapid acceleration of global warming, growing urban populations, progressively shrinking rural areas, aging populations, and regional issues, all which require urgent and effective measures. NSRI has been engaged in the development of smart solutions to these urban challenges for more than 10 years, concentrating its wealth of expertise to provide smart solutions to cities both in Japan and overseas with the aim of creating smarter, more sustainable, and low-carbon cities with increased competitive capabilities.

Capitalizing on the expertise and technological strength of the Nikken Group, NSRI offers total consulting services ranging from the formulation of plans and strategies for smart cities to project development. These services are provided through a combination of comprehensive and optimal solutions, including urban structures that take environmental and public health considerations into account, optimal regional energy systems, methods for introducing ICT and IoT that contribute to people’s lifestyles and competitiveness of cities, and the development of business models.